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  • Looking for the perfect vegan candles to add a touch of elegance to your home? Look no further! Our candles are crafted with only the finest, organic ingredients, including essential oils and natural essences. Our candles are long burning, and the subtle scent has a long throw without being overwhelming. Whether you're looking for something soothing and relaxing or bright and invigorating, we've got just the candle to suit your needs.


    • The scent of sweet watermelon combined with a hint of lime and garden-picked peppery basil. This candle is not only powerful but mouthwatering, making one feel as if they harvested the fruit and herbs themselves!

      Top notes: Lime, Watermelon

      Mid notes: Watermelon, Herbal, Basil

      Base notes: Watermelon, Basil, Green Pepper

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